Andrea Cavallari


Ambassador of Italy to Nicosia 2017-2021

Andrea Cavallari was born in Milan in 1961. He graduated in Political Science from the Institut d’Etudes Politiques of Paris and the University of Pavia and in International Economics from the University of Paris Dauphine. He began his diplomatic career in 1988. His professional career at the Ministry for Foreign Affairs began at the Directorate General for Political Affairs and continued at the Minister’s Office and at the General Secretariat, where he participated in the work of the Information and Research Unit.

In 1992 he was assigned to the Embassy of Italy in Budapest and in 1995 he moved to New Delhi as head of the Economic, Trade, and Development Cooperation Office.

Returning to Rome in 1998, he was hired by the Directorate General for Multilateral Political Affairs and Human Rights.

In 2002 he was Adviser to the Permanent Representative of Italy to the UN in New York and in 2006 he became Deputy Permanent Representative of Italy to the OSCE in Vienna.

He returned to the Farnesina in 2009 to serve in the Directorate General for Multilateral Political Cooperation and Human Rights, where as Head of Office and then Deputy Central Director he deals with security, disarmament and non-proliferation. He is in charge of following the Seoul Nuclear Safety Summit and the G8 negotiations under the French and American Presidencies as Vice Sherpa.

After his appointment as Plenipotentiary Minister in 2012, he moved to Paris as Consul General. Once again in Rome in 2016, he served in the Diplomatic Ceremonial of the Republic.

He is married to Caterina Cortese and has a son named Lorenzo.

He is an Official of the Order of Merit of the Italian Republic since 2006.

Ambassador of Italy to Cyprus (2017-2021).

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