Digitalization and NPRRs on the Italian-Cypriot Axis. The Role of the Chamber.

September 6, 2021


The pandemic crisis has made it necessary to accelerate the digitalization process in order to boost the economy of EU countries. Improving connectivity through the extension of ultra-wide broadband, updating personal and enterprises’ data, creating new infrastructures, optimising cybersecurity and training competent human capital are the basis of digitalization reform in all Member States.

The Italian NRRP (National Recovery and Resilience Plan) estimates to allocate 25% of the resources for the Digital Transition (i.e. 40.29 billion euros), of which 9.75 billion euros are earmarked for Digitalization, Innovation and Security in the Public Administration (mission 1 component M1C1 of the NRRP). The four fundamental points of the transformation (1. Speed of access; 2. Simplification of rules and procedures; 3. Skills; 4. Digitalization) will have the effect of consolidating and optimising the enterprises’ management, thanks to the implementation of the ‘once only’ principle (single communication of data) and will allow a rapid and efficient use of public resources.

The Republic of Cyprus has earmarked 23% of the total investments of its NRRP for the Digital Transition (i.e. 282 million euros), intercepting future opportunities to boost the economy in the speeding-up of bureaucratic procedures, the enhancement of broadband, the promotion of skills in public services, the support to SMEs in implementing their digital transformation.

In this context, where the creation and development of economic and commercial synergies in the international sphere has a particular importance, is placed the activity of the Italian-Cypriot Chamber of Commerce, which over the years has built a real bridge on the Italy-Cyprus axis, creating the right conditions for businesses in both countries to face common challenges and achieve greater competitiveness and growth.

The Chamber, which today plays an important role in trade relations between the two countries, has, moreover, carried out in the last years several actions to promote and support the member companies, with particular reference to the establishment of international consortia of companies for submitting tenders, the finalization of joint ventures for the development of projects in the private sector and the participation in European projects.

In this regard, the President of the Italian-Cypriot Chamber of Commerce, Giuseppe Marino, in a speech during a recent trade mission to Cyprus with Italian entrepreneurs from different sectors, but all intrinsically linked to development processes in the field of ICT, once again reiterated the importance of the strategic role of this sector for the development and further consolidation of trade relations between the two countries.

Precisely because of its importance, this area has been included in the program of the 4th Cypriot-Italian Business Forum, titled “Italian and Cypriot NRRPs: Relaunching the Mediterranean Economy through Cooperation”, co-organized by the Italian-Cypriot Chamber of Commerce and the Cyprus Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Crafts, which will take place in Rome on 29th September 2021 h 16:45 in the presence of the Minister of Energy, Trade and Industry of Cyprus, Natasa Pilides and the Minister of Economic Development of Italy, Giancarlo Giorgetti.

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