5th Cypriot-Italian Business Forum: Important Developments for Med Cooperation.

December 21, 2022


It was held on 14 December at 4 pm in the Conference Room of the Presidency of the Sicilian Region, in via Generale Magliocco n. 46 in Palermo, the fifth edition of the Cypriot-Italian Business Forum entitled: “Internationalization of companies in the Mediterranean economy. Models of Development and Opportunities for Transnational Cooperation“.

The chamber event, co-organized with the Department of Productive Activities of the Sicily Region and the Cyprus Chamber of Commerce and Industry under the auspices of the Embassy of Cyprus in Italy saw the participation of numerous companies from various parts of the island and from other regions.

The Cypriot-Italian Business Forum is organized annually by the Italian-Cypriot Chamber of Commerce and, after last year’s which was held in Rome in the presence of the Minister of Energy, Commerce and Industry of the Republic of Cyprus Natasa Pilides and (at that time) the Deputy Minister of Economic Development Gilberto Pichetto Fratin, was held this year in Sicily by accepting the kind invitation of the Regional Minister for Productive Activities with responsibility for the Internationalization of Enterprises Edy Tamajo, with the aim of placing the emphasis on the economy of Mediterranean focusing on development models and opportunities for transnational cooperation in the common matrix of insularity that characterizes Cyprus and Sicily.

The event was moderated by the General Manager of the Productive Activities Department of the Sicily Region Carmelo Frittitta and saw the presence, among others, of the Honorary Consul of the Republic of Cyprus in Sicily Sebastiano Provenzano and Gaetano Collura, General Manager of the IRSAP, as well as representatives of various companies who focused on their respective development projects in place and in the planning stage in the Mediterranean area, sharing models and best practices.

Among the speakers at the Round Table were Tommaso Di Matteo of CPW ITALIA, a business consultancy company operating, inter alia, on the development of start-ups and development plans at an international level, Fabio Sorrenti of the Medical Division of 3M with whom the Chamber has been working for a few months to the development of an important project in the Mediterranean area which focused on some best practices in the health sector already implemented in Sicily and Renzo Gaglio, of NEWTRON GROUP, a leading Sicilian company in the sustainable mobility sector with particular reference to electrification and hybridization of vehicles.

Also present was Stefania Pennacchio, Artist and President of the Leucò Cultural Association, creator and promoter of an international traveling art project between Sicily, Greece and Cyprus sponsored, among others, by the Embassy of Cyprus, the Sicilian Region which the Italian-Cypriot Chamber of Commerce has strongly supported in the awareness of the fundamental role of culture for the development and consolidation of relations in the Mediterranean area.

Finally Massimo Alioto representative of AC CONTRACT and GAMAL PHARMACY Sicilian company specialized in the design and manufacture of contract and residential furnishings with an important experience in Italy and abroad gained at the highest levels in the commercial, hotel and residential sector, Renato Magazzù of CANTIERI MAGAZZU’, a leading company in high-end pleasure boating founded over 50 years ago and particularly appreciated on various international markets and Massimo Carollo of DOLCE CAROLLO, a company which, starting from artisan pastry, then became an important confectionary industry, first in Italy to “freeze” the typical Sicilian delicacies thus acquiring a leadership position and an important presence on various foreign markets.

The Italian-Cypriot Chamber of Commerce was represented by its founder and President Giuseppe Marino, Sicilian, also an expert in international corporate consultancy and business internationalization, who was particularly keen on organizing this event in Sicily, firmly convinced of the great opportunities of cooperation in various sectors between Sicily and Cyprus in the common framework of the Mediterranean macro-region.

The Department of Productive Activities of the Sicily Region was represented by Councilor Edy Tamajo who, at the conclusion of the works, proposed the definition of a Memorandum of Understanding between the Department of Productive Activities and the Italian-Cypriot Chamber of Commerce in the direction of an increasingly coherent development of economic and cultural relations between Sicily and the Mediterranean countries aimed at guaranteeing direct support to Sicilian companies aiming to internationalize their business as well as Cyprus in the Mediterranean area and the Middle East.

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