Great success for the Business Conference on Cyprus in Palermo.


Important participation of sicilian entrepreneurs and professionals at the Business Conference organized in Palermo by Sintesi Business Network, as Cypriot-Italian Business Association, in partnership with the Embassy of the Republic of Cyprus in Italy and sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce of Palermo.

The conference, entitled “CYPRUS: AN INTERNATIONAL HUB SINCE ANTIQUITY”. The Legal – Tax Framework and the Opportunities of Commercial, Economic, Professional Interchange with Italy”, hosted in the Sala Terrasi of the Palermo Chamber of Commerce saw the participation of the main trade and professional associations, and was moderated by Avv. Alessandro Dagnino who, after the opening of the Secretary General of the Chamber of Commerce of Palermo and Enna Dr. Guido Barcellona and the Board Member Dr. Nicola Farruggio, representing the President of the same Chamber Dr. Alessandro Albanese, passed the word to the authoritative representatives of the institutions Italian and Cypriot and representatives of trade and professional associations.

In particular, after the greetings of the Vice President of the Sicily Region and Vice President of the CPMR Prof. Gaetano Armao, it was the turn of Dr. Giulia Sykopetrites, Second Secretary of the Embassy of the Republic of Cyprus in Italy and of the Honorary Consul of the Republic of Cyprus in Sicily Arch. Sebastiano Provenzano.

Before moving on to the presentations, greetings were then given by the spokesperson of the Palermo Category Associations Dr. Patrizia Di Dio, by the President of the Sicindustria Young Entrepreneurs of Palermo Dr. Luca Silvestrini and the national coordinator of the Young Professionals Federation Avv. Cinzia Capizzi.

The presentations, all followed with great interest by the numerous present were respectively edited by Dr. Giuseppe Marino, International Business Lawyer and founding member of the Cypriot-Italian Business Association who provided a complete overview of the “Legal and Tax Framework and operational aspects for Italian companies interested in Cyprus”, by Dr. Constantinos Talianos, Commercial Adviser of the Ministry of Energy, Commerce, Industry of Cyprus who presented the “Main Sectors and Commercial, Economic and Professional Interchange Opportunities” and by Avv. Federico Franchina, Professor of Navigation Law and Coordinator of the Shipping and Aviation Committee of Sintesi Network, the Cypriot-Italian Business Association which provided an overview of “Macro Mediterranean Region. Insularity and Perspectives of Cooperation”.

Just in this last intervention an important bilateral conference was announced, addressed to the operators of Shipping that the Sintesi, Cypriot-Italian Business Association is organizing with important institutional partners and which will be held in Cyprus on May 29th and in Italy on September 19th.

So great success for what was the first event of the 2019 Sintesi programming, organized in Sicily not by causal choice, but in consideration of the proximity between the two Islands, both strategically placed in the Mediterranean macro-region and united by multiple elements.

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