H.E. Costas Kadis, Minister of Agriculture, Rural Development and Environment of Cyprus, Guest of September Smart Talk.

September 22, 2021


It was held on 22nd September the Monthly Smart Talk organized by the Italian-Cypriot Chamber of Commerce, which saw as guest H.E. Costas Kadis, Minister of Agriculture, Rural Development and Environment of the Republic of Cyprus who gave an overview of the sector and the linked related investments with particular focus on NRRP.

After the introductory greetings by the President of the Italian-Cypriot Chamber of Commerce Giuseppe Marino, the discussion was moderated by Nicola M. Barbera, Delegate of the Chamber for Agri-Food and Environment.

The Smart Talk started with the Ministry’s insights regarding environment sustainability, a green and clean vision for Cyprus, guided by natural resources management and green and blue economy. The Minister mentioned that his administration has developed 3 objectives, including strengthening agriculture, restructuring economy and promoting principles of circular economy. Furthermore, a particular attention was given to the food safety, public health, protection of animals, strengthening of international and regional cooperation.

The Minister then referred to the European Council, which developed an instrument in order to finance the recovery after COVID-19 crisis, under the new financial framework of Next Generation EU to make European societies sustainable and more resilient and that offered to Cyprus 1.2 billion Euros in grants and loans. Among the strategic objectives of the NRRP there is the strengthening of environmental growth and prosperity. Other measures are expected to radically change the performance of Cyprus in several areas, such as sustainable water resources, protection of forests, marine ecosystem, and aquaculture.

He then referred to the main investments and the current status of the agricultural sector in Cyprus, its innovation with high-tech and perspectives regarding the protection of environment, also in the framework of the Recovery Plan. Over the last two years, the Ministry introduced initiatives to boost agricultural sector, smart farming and better animal welfare. At the moment, the Ministry is preparing the rural development plan for 2023-2027, in line with policies of EU for a more sustainable agriculture.

Another Smart Talk topic concerned the Circular Economy and the benefits from the Cypriot side to encourage foreign investments in the “waste to energy” sector, with the distribution of small and medium size home composers, the development of 15 green kiosks for dry recyclables and the construction of repair centers in strategic locations that serve with associate network of reuse shops.

The Minister also provided additional information on the Cyprus initiative to address climate change, heat waves and water scarcity, such as the “Climate change conference in the Middle East” which will take place in Cyprus on 13th October 2021.

Furthermore, he referred to the PDO (Product Designation Origin) catalogue which has multiple benefits for both producers and regions economically, with particular regard to Halloumi.

Finally, H.E. Costas Kadis mentioned that it is important to keep strengthening the business relations between Italy and Cyprus by promoting business cooperation in all the sectors of interest especially water resources management protection, seawater desalination, waste water treatment and reuse, waste management, agricultural sector and promotion of PDO products, and particularly to aware investors of the advantages of doing business on the Italian-Cypriot axis.

The conclusions of the meeting were left to the Vice President of the Italian-Cypriot Chamber of Commerce Federico Franchina who highlighted how the Smart Talk offered an insight on agriculture and the themes that are and will be on the current and future agenda, specifying the potentiality of growing sectors and opportunities for Italian companies, also stressing the importance of cooperation at regional level, given that the challenges in the Mediterranean region concerning the security of water, the increase of gas prices, the safety of food chain, are similar.

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