Important and qualified participation at the Business Conference on Cyprus in Milan.


Important and qualified participation at the Business Conference on Cyprus, held on March 22nd in Milan at the Marriott Hotel.

The event, organized by the Sintesi Business Network, together with the Ministry of Energy, Commerce, Industry and Tourism of Cyprus and the Cyprus Chamber of Commerce and Industry, was moderated by the Commercial Counselour of the same Ministry Mr. Constantinos Talianos and was focused on the presentation of the opportunities offered by the country in the financial services sector.

After the greeting addresses by Dr. Massimo D’Amico, representing the National Union of Statutory Auditors and its President Prof Stefano Mandolesi, by Avv. Alberto Vermiglio, President of the Italian Association of Young Lawyers and Dr. Daniele Virgillito, President of the National Union of Young Professional Accountants and Accounting Experts, who collaborated in organizing the conference, introduced the works Dr. Giuseppe Marino, General Secretary of Sintesi Business Network underlining how this event is part of a process of consolidation of the institutional, professional and commercial relations of Sintesi Business Network in Cyprus, which also includes the project for the establishment of an Italo Cypriot Chamber of Commerce.

In particular, Ms. Anja Arsalides, Promotion Officer of the Cyprus Investment and Promotion Agency, provided an overview of the country, underlining how today Cyprus is a robust and dynamic international business center, Mr. Andreas Yasemides, Vice Chairman of Cyprus Investment Funds Association and Mr. Panikos Teklos, Board Member of the same entity, who spoke about the Fund Management activity through Cyprus, also focusing on the regulatory framework and related legal structures, Ms Elia Nicolaou, Director of Amicorp Cyprus, who focused on operational steps for the establishment of Funds in Cyprus and, finally, Mr. Luke Benfield, Chairman & CEO, Eurosure Insurance Company Ltd, which provided a comprehensive picture of the local insurance industry and the related opportunities.

In the second part presented their relations Avv. Cinzia Capizzi National Delegate of the Italian Association of Young Lawyers, who spoke about the new guidelines drawn up by the ESMA in terms of product governance and compliance and Prof. Salvatore Alioto, Chartered Accountant, Professor of Economics of Financial Intermediaries at the University of Rome, who spoke about the tax implications of the financial offer of Cyprus for Italian clients and also for companies interested in developing a business in the sector.

At the end of the meeting Dr. Giuseppe Marino, General Secretary of Sintesi Business Network, underlined the great opportunities that Cyprus can offer even in the financial sector, also reiterating the importance to make use of highly specialized professionals with a global vision that, combined with the strength of an international network with a rooted local presence, are the essential ingredients for success on foreign markets.

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