Important and qualified participation at the Cyprus-Italy Business Forum in Rome.


Important and qualified participation in the Business Conference on Cyprus, held March 20 in Rome at Aula Magna of Corte di Cassazione, with the presence of the Ambassador of Cyprus in Italy His Excellency Tazos Tsionis who brought his greetings.

The event, organized by Sintesi Business Network, together with the Ministry of Energy, Commerce, Industry and Tourism of Cyprus and the Cyprus Chamber of Commerce and Industry, was moderated by the Commercial Counselour of the same Ministry Mr. Constantinos Talianos and was introduced by the greeting addresses of Avv. Mauro Vaglio, President of the Rome Bar Association, Prof. Stefano Mandolesi, President of the National Union of Legal Auditors and Avv. Alberto Vermiglio, President of the Italian Association of Young Lawyers, who collaborated in organizing the conference.

After the greetings of Dr. Giuseppe Marino, General Secretary of Sintesi Business Network, who underlined that this event is part of a process of consolidation of the institutional, professional and commercial relations of Sintesi Business Network in Cyprus, within which it is inserted also the project for the establishment of an Italian Cypriot Chamber of Commerce and the intervention of the Ambassador of Cyprus in Italy, His Excellency Tazos Tsionis, the first part of the presentations started cared by some authoritative members of the Cypriot delegation present.

In particular Ms. Anja Arsalides, Promotion Officer of the Cyprus Investment and Promotion Agency provided an overview on the country remarking that Cyprus is now a robust and dynamic international business center, Ms. Stephanie Mouzouris, Tax Manager of Alliot Partellas Kiliaris Ltd, who reported about the local tax framework and Dr. Chrysthia Papacleovoulou, Partner of Spyros Vassiliou & Associates LLC, who reported on the legal framework and, at last, Mr. Andreas Yasemides, Vice Chairman of the Cyprus Investment Funds Association, who spoke about Fund Management Activity through Cyprus, also focusing on the regulatory framework and related legal structures.

In the second part presented their relations Dr. Oreste Pepe Milizia, Delegate for the Internationalization of the National Union of Young Accountants and Accounting Experts, also partner in the organization of the event, who after bringing the greetings of the President Dr. Daniele Virgillito, has deepened the issue of tax implications for Italian companies and investors who intend to operate in Cyprus and subsequently Avv. Luca Domenici, Notary in Rome and member of the Notary Council of Rome, Velletri and Civitavecchia, that particularly focused on the importance of the role of the legal professions in internationalization processes to support the clients in the development of their activities in the most proper way avoiding mistakes.

At the end of the meeting Dr. Giuseppe Marino, General Secretary of Sintesi Business Network, underlined the great opportunities that Cyprus can offer to Italian companies, also reiterating the importance for them to make use of highly specialized professionals with a global vision that, combined with the strength of an international network with a rooted local presence, are the essential ingredients for success on foreign markets.

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