Also the Strengthening of the Collaboration between Italy and Cyprus in Draghi’s Agenda.

February 20, 2021


The Draghi government was born supported by a large majority and aims for political unity, fundamental to carry out the substantial reforms necessary to relaunch Italy after the pandemic.

In his keynote address to the Senate on 17 February 2021, Mario Draghi began by stating: “The first thought I would like to share concerns our national responsibility. No one takes a step back from their identity but, in a new and completely unusual perimeter of collaboration, they take one step forward in responding to the needs of the country, in approaching the daily problems of families and businesses that know well when it is time to work together, without prejudice and rivalry”.

Then he added: “This government is born in the wake of the EU and the Atlantic Alliance. “Without Italy, there is no Europe but outside Europe, there is less Italy: we must be prouder of Italy’s contribution to the growth and development of the European Union”.

Prime Minister Draghi continued: “In our international relationships, this government will be firmly Europeanist and Atlanticist, in line with Italy’s historical moorings: European Union, Atlantic Alliance, United Nations.” And above all, it emphasizes in regards to the Mediterranean area: “For Italy, this will entail the need to restructure and reinforce the strategic and essential relationship with France and Germany. But it will also be necessary to strengthen cooperation with states with which we share a specific Mediterranean sensitivity and by sharing issues such as the environment and migration: Spain, Greece, Malta and Cyprus.”

In this regard, the President of the Italian-Cypriot Chamber of Commerce Giuseppe Marino underlines the renewed interest of the new government in the Mediterranean area, highlighting that the priorities in terms of environment, sustainability, safety and cooperation have been at the centre of the action to promote and develop bilateral relations between Italy and Cyprus carried out by the Chamber which will continue with renewed enthusiasm and in this vein to provide support to Institutions and stakeholders.

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Last modified: February 22, 2021

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