Recovery Plan, Focus on Tourism and Culture. Valerio Valla, Guest Speaker at Associazione Civita Conference.

June 8, 2021


It was held on May 31 the conference organised by the Associazione Civita, which hosted Valerio Valla, CEO and Founder of Studio Valla European Consulting and expert in local development, EU programmes and structural funds, also valued Member of the Advisory Board of the Italian-Cypriot Chamber of Commerce.

The event focused on “Recovery Plan, Tourism and Culture: comparing the plans of the main European countries”, offering interesting insights of the National Recovery and Resilience Plan and the lines of investment proposed by the Government to relaunch the cultural sector.

After the institutional greetings of Gianni Letta, President of the Associazione Civita, and Paolo Gentiloni, European Commissioner for Economy, the meeting was moderated by Simonetta Giordani, Secretary-General of the Associazione CIVITA, and continued with a presentation of Valerio Valla who illustrated the different funding plans offered by countries that consider culture and tourism as one of the pillars of economic development, as the case of Italy. The event continued with the contributions of Vincenzo Amendola, Undersecretary of State for European Affairs, and of Domenico De Masi, Labour Sociologist and Professor Emeritus of the La Sapienza University of Rome.

Culture and Tourism represent for Italy and other European countries an excellent driver of restart, development and quantitative growth. For these reasons, these sectors constitute a significant part in resources’ allocation in the Italian PNRR (3.5% of the total, equal to 6.68 billion Euro), aiming at digitalisation, but also at the rediscovery of human capital, an essential factor for cultural dissemination.

The Chamber, promoter of several initiatives in this field, is working on the creation of new synergies to further strengthen the relations between Italy and Cyprus in the field of cultural development, providing interesting impulses and opportunities in the field of cultural experiences supported by new Technologies, such as augmented reality or digital museums.

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