The Extraordinary Italian Taste.

November 19, 2020


The Italian-Cypriot Chamber of Commerce offers to its members a special showcase on all its communication channels, including through its local partners, for the entire week of November 23-29 during the 5th edition of the “Week of Italian Cuisine in the World”.

The “Week of Italian Cuisine in the World” is the annual review that celebrates the heritage of Italian cuisine, promoting its excellence through the network of our diplomacy, reaching 124 countries through Embassies, Consulates, Cultural Institutes, ICE and Chambers of Commerce.

The 2020 edition restarts from the roots of our tradition, according to the following guidelines:

  • enhancement of the food and wine traditions of the Italian regions and territories;
  • enhancement of the Mediterranean diet;
  • protection and enhancement of protected and controlled denomination products;
  • promotion of Italian wines on international markets.

For more information and to take part in the initiative, please contact us at the e-mail address:

Last modified: November 19, 2020

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