Vice President of the Chamber Federico Franchina Speaker at “Silk Roads” Conference.

December 17, 2021


It was held on 17th December at the Auditorium of University of Messina, the conference “The New Silk Roads: Ports, Innovation, Tourist Flows and Start-ups Perspectives for the Euro-Mediterranean Region and for the Messina Strait Area” organized by the Department of Economics of University of Messina that saw among other authoritative speakers the Vice President of the Chamber Federico Franchina, also representing the Messina University, CUST, Department of Law.

Among the relevant speakers there was the Senator Vito Rosario Petrocelli in connection from the Italian Senate, Prof. Gaetano Armao, Vice President of Sicily Region, and Mr. Ivo Blandina, President of the Messina Chamber of Commerce and Vice President Sicindustria.

The event focused on the opportunities that can raise from the cooperation among the Euro-Mediterranean countries connected by a common maritime tradition, which can developed in expertise in tourism flow and open new perspectives of innovation and digitalisation in the shipping sector, giving a  particular attention to the Messina Strait Area.

The conference saw the participation of highly competent panellists from University of Messina, University of Milano Bicocca, Jordan University of Science and Technology, New York University in Shanghai, Science and Technology Park of Sicily, the Greek KINNO, (Knowledge and Innovation Consultants), the Centre for Innovation and Technology (CIT) Industrial Research Institute of Lebanon and EMPHASIS Open Innovation Advisor of Euro-Mediterranean Network.

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