Advisory Board Web Meeting on Business Continuity and Post COVID 19 Perspectives.

March 28, 2020


An important web meeting organized by the Italian-Cypriot Chamber of Commerce was held on March 27 to discuss business continuity and perspectives for the coming months and it saw the presence of both Cypriot and Italian institutions, respectively represented by Ambassador Frances Lanitou Williams, Head of Economic Diplomacy Unit at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Cyprus and by the Ambassador of Italy in Cyprus Andrea Cavallari as well as the representatives of important companies, many of them members of the Chamber’s Advisory Board.

The event, after a brief introduction by the President Giuseppe Marino,by the two Vice Presidents Federico Franchina and Costas Katsaros and the greeting addresses of the institutions present, saw among others the participation of Giuseppe Mongiello, Partner of Tonucci & Partners, of Paul Kyprianou, External Relations Manager of Grimaldi Group, of Mario Franchin, Executive Vice President of Snam, of Silvano Valle, Managing Director of Studio Valle, of Davide Tabarelli, President of Nomisma Energia, of Stephanos Stephou, Strategic Planning Director of Fameline Group, of Marios Loizides, Head of Global Business Development of Bank of Cyprus, of Christos Vasiliou, CEO of KPMG Cyprus, of Panayiotis Hadjipandelis, Chairman of Hellenic Mining and Hermes Airport, of Lino Picheo, CEO of Staer Sistemi, of Stefano Maneri, Principal of Ramboll Italia, of George Chrisochos, CEO of Cyfield Group, of Alexis Vafeades, Director of Vafeades & Co, of Captain Eugene Adami, CEO of MasterMind Ship Mana gement, of Valerio Valla, CEO of Studio Valla and Demos Demou, CFO of the Holy Archibishopric of Cyprus.

The meeting was particularly useful for outlining an overall picture both on the management of business continuity by individual actors, and also for discussing the perspectives for the coming months in the various sectors.

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