Federico Franchina


Federico Franchina is adjunct professor on maritime, air and transport law, at the University of Reggio Calabria (Italy) and qualified as associate professor (2018) according to Italian Scientific Qualification (ASN).

In the 2016 he obtained his Ph.D. on Maritime, Air and Transport Law with a dissertation on Shipowner’s limitation of liability.

In 2011 he obtained a II° Level Master Course in Maritime, Air and Transport Lawyer attending a major law firm in London and a major insurance company ever in London.

In 2008 he graduated in Law with a dissertation in Company Law on “Merger and Acquisition and their invalidity”. He published papers, articles and one book on issues related to air, maritime and transport themes and he is a regular speakers at national and international conferences and meetings.

He is also a lawyer admitted at Messina Bar (2011) and legal expert at Eurocontrol (Brussels) since 2017.

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