Pierluigi Petrone


Education and training
Università degli Studi di Napoli “Federico II”
Degree in Pharmacy year: 1992
Specialization in “Medicinal plants” year: 1995

Working experience

From 1994 to 1998
General Manager – Purimex Gmbh – Dusseldorf – Germania
Field: Pharmaceutical
Activities: Pharmaceutical wholesaler

Since 1995
Export manager, shareholder and CEO of Petrone Group with head office in Naples, Italy. A holding company of approximately 30 firms, operating in the pharmaceutical, parapharmaceutical and health sectors. Petrone Group activities goes from pharmaceuticals distribution and warehousing, pharmaceuticals trading, training course to healthy sectors, real estate management, health consultancy and rehabilitation. (www.petrone.it).

Since 1996
National member of the Committee of Asso-Ram, Association of Commercial and Logistics Operators in Pharmaceutical and Health sectors, and Vice president since 2006 with mandate as National Coordinator for the related Insurance Board. Since May 2018 He is the Chairman.

Since 2007
Chairman of STM PHARMA PRO (first was called STM Group), Italian company among the top 5 active in the supply chain of drugs in particular but also of any other kind of goods. STM PHARMA PRO operates through three proprietary platforms with specific merchandise (Cambiago, Grezzago and Pozzuoli) and uses two secondary systems for repackaging (Brescia and Pozzuoli) that fully meet the needs of the whole country with almost 30 thousand square meters of warehouses and more than 37.300 pallet spaces of which 1.742 are refrigerated 441 dedicated to pharmaceuticals. (www.stmpharmapro.it).

Since 2008
Business Relation Officer of Pierrel S.p.A., listed on the Italian Stock Exchange since May 2006, is today a full service global provider for life science, biopharma and pharmaceutical industries. Pierrel Group, through its three business Divisions, is specialized in the discovery of MPCs (“Medicinal Product Candidates”) and in the repositioning of existing drugs into new therapeutical indications and in clinical research (TCRDO Division), in pharmaceutical manufacturing (Contract Manufacturing Division), and in the development, registration and licensing of new drugs and medical devices (Pharma Division). (www.pierrelgroup.com ).

Since June 2010
Member of the National Board of Farmindustria and since 2011 Member of the Executive Committee of the small and medium-sized businesses section.

Since 2012
Member of Board of Grafiche Pizzi, historical company for Packaging solutions for the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries.

Since 2013
Member of the Board of Confindustria Napoli.

Since December 2016
Member of Gruppo Tecnico Internazionalizzazione of Confindustria – Rome.

Since March 2017
Member of the Board of Directors of GVN Global Virus Netword in Baltimora. The GVN is a global network of worldwide experts of viral infections, formed by academics, researchers and finance and drug industry representatives. Its mission is the medical research taking action on 3 fields: support to vanguard research, public education, advocacy.

Since May 2019
Italian Chamber of Commerce in Singapore (ICCS) Chairperson Healthcare Commission.

Foreign languages
• Fluent in English

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